Very often, the HEC Foundation receives testimonials from students to thank the donors for their generous support. Some donors also want to take the opportunity to explain their engagement and commitment toHEC Paris. You will find below some of them.

Miso, H.18

 Picture_misopark“As you may know, Asian education is about giving information, but it doesn’t encourage students to question the theories they learn. On the contrary, at HEC, our professors ask for our opinion, something that was not natural to me. They helped me develop my own personal thinking. […] Receiving a scholarship gave me a sense of belonging, a sense of community, a heritage. I hope that I will live up to these HEC standards and come back one day as a donor, continuing this virtuous circle of HEC Foundation.”

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Amalia, MBA.17

amalia 2“When applying for an MBA, the offer of a scholarship is a very important aspect when deciding which business school to choose. And not just for financial reasons. To me, getting a scholarship from HEC was a sort of vote of confidence. You know that people from the school somehow trust you. They feel you belong there and they want you to be there. It’s an important point when you consider joining an MBA in a new country, in a totally new environment. Thanks to the scholarship, you already start the relationship with the school with a very good feeling.”

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Yasmine (H.15)

yasmineI wasn’t really destined for an HEC education. […] Where I come from, getting your high school diploma is an end in itself. HEC just isn’t a possibility, not only because of financial barriers but also symbolic ones. Nobody talks to us about it, and no one believes we can do it, it’s another world, not for us, it doesn’t even cross our mind. […] The support for scholarship students meant my dream could now become a reality.”

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