As the HEC Foundation HEC is recongnized as a charity since july, 5th, 1973 et a le statut de your gift can offer significant tax reduction if you are a french resident..

French taxation for individual donors

Impôt sur le revenu

*applicable dans la limite de 20% du revenu net global imposable (l’excédent pouvant être reporté sur les 5 années suivantes)

66% of your donation is deductible from income tax, on up to 20% of taxable income. When the amount of donations exceeds this limit, the excess is carried forward to the next 5 years and is eligible for the tax reduction under the same conditions (Article 200 of C.G.I.)

For example :
A donation of €300 = 1 week of school for a scholarship student.
66 % x €300 or €198 € tax reduction on income tax. Your donation amounts to €102 after tax reduction..

Impôt sur la fortune

*dans la limite de 50 000€

75% of your donation is tax deductible on wealth (ISF) of up to €50,000 per year.

NB : one donation can be broken down between the ISF and income tax but you cannot combine the two tax benefits.

Did you know?

You can also support the HEC Paris development projects and receive tax benefits through a bequest, a life insurance contract, a temporary usufruct donation, or a donation of shares

French taxation for businesses

For companies subject to corporate tax, the gift is deductible of up to 60% within the limit of 5‰ of the turnover of the company. When the amount of donations exceeds this limit, the excess is carried over the next five years (Art 238 bis of C.G.I.).

Your company can also develop a privileged relationship with the campus by joining the HEC Foundation business partners.
Several options are possible: fund a research centre, create a university chair, fund student scholarships, become a partner…  

Your contacts for individual donors:

Léa Sarica – Director of Development – Annual Fund: 01 39 67 97 37 –
Alice Gorge – Director of Development – Major Donors: 01 39 67 97 02 –
Marianne Duval – Bequests and gifts coordinator: 01 39 67 98 87 –

Your contact for corporate partners:

Raphaëlle Gautier – Executive Director: 01 39 67 73 58  –