Research at HEC: a fundamental axis

The research being undertaken at HEC Paris allows us to contribute to global knowledge as well understanding the development process behind it in our society. The research is fundamental to the high quality teaching offered at HEC Paris, that in turn, reflects the prestigious reputation of the School.

Recruiting the best faculty

One of the HEC Paris’ fundamental missions is to support research. In doing so, students are offered high quality teaching in numerous research domains that they can later apply to their future careers in business.

  • In Septembre 2015 14 new permanent research professors were appointed
  • 64% of these new professors starting in 2015 were of international origin


Encouraging young researchers

Offering new opportunities for young research professors is essential in guaranteeing the international level of research at HEC Paris. Once graduated, they will go on to teach in global renowned institutions and thus contribute to making HEC’s academic excellence known globally.

  • 68 PhD students were welcomed onto the doctoral programme for the 2015-2016 academic year
  • 66 full doctoral scholarships were offered in 2015


Supporting research professors

In order to reward and retain the best in their field, the Foundation has put into place several programs that offer the beneficiary academic recognition as well as financial support.

  • 7 research projects (a maximum of 3 years worth of funding for projects that have great potential to publish articles for type A journals) in 2015
  • 4 Foundation chairs (allocated, for a limited time only, to a qualified professor who has published at least 10 A articles and 5 FT articles) in 2015
  • 4 Fellowships (allocated, for a non renewable period of three years, to a professor who has not yet finished their doctoral study but who has published 3 A articles and 3 FT articles) in 2015


Jacques Olivier 

Dean of Faculty and Research

jacques«Our objective in terms of Faculty development can be summarized in one word: impact.

Academic impact: research done at HEC must inspire research done in business schools throughout the world

Impact on society: research done at HEC must influence both public debate and managerial practices

Impact on teaching: research done at HEC must result in unique and innovative courses

There are only very few professors able to have this type of impact and we are competing with the very best universities worlwide to hire them. This is why we need, now more than ever, the support of the HEC Foundation. »

Ensuring the continual success of French Higher Education

HEC Paris has become a centre of academic excellence through gaining its reputable place in academic research and high quality teaching. HEC’s mission is to contribute academically to the fields of management, law and economy.

  • 82 articles published were published in scientific journals in 2015
  • of which 41 of those journals are class alpha

Provide food for thought for manager

This mission of Knowledge@HEC is to give readers the opportunity to discover the varied and high-quality research conducted by HEC researchers. The portal has invested in new ways of displaying content; making it easily accessible for readers. The portal regularly features videos, interviews and editorials in order to present the work done at HEC in a more modern and impactful manner.

The aim of Knowledge@HEC is to provide information in order to equip business leaders in their strategic thinking. Among the articles published, there is an emphasis on innovation, as well as the involvement of research dedicated to companies and their economic environment.