Society & Organizations Center

Creation of a pole of excellence bringing together all elements of HEC Paris’ social work. Since September 2013, the SnO Center has been responsible for creating a pole of excellence bringing together all elements of HEC Paris’ social work.
The center coordinates all aspects of the pedagogical tools aimed at the passing on of new knowledge.

Research at SnO

The SnO is made up of 40 research professors and doctorants and delivers outstanding research on divers and social themes: responsable financing, new energy sources, and the relationship between a company’s performance and sustainable development.

Working closely with modern day challenges

The research projects, led by the SnO center’s researchers, focus primarily on responsible financing, new energy sources, public-private partnerships,the action plans of NGOs, new norms and standards as well as new forms of incentives at work.

Increase international outreach

The SnO Center contributes to the creation of an international research community in order to:

  • promote academic exchanges by inviting international students on campus
  • organise international seminars like Medici Summer School in Florence
  • fund doctoral training with annual bursaries for HEC doctoral students

so they can pursue their studies at the world’s best universities: Chicago, Columbia, Harvard or Yale.

Eliminating the challenges that today’s companies face

Two chairs have been created in order to strengthen cooperation with companies:

  • The “Business and Sustainability” chair, created in 2010 in partnership with GDF Suez, was designed to explore the relationship between a company’s performance and sustainable development.  
  • The “Social Business, Enterprise and Poverty” chair, which was launched in 2008 and since supported by Danone, Schneider Electric, Renault and the Directorate General of Social Cohesion, focuses on the promotion of new economic models that simultaneously create wealth and help fight against poverty.

Teaching at the SnO 

A center to chape future

The SnO Center’s aim is to give training to managers capable of understanding modern day challenges and playing an active role within the society’s companies.

Creating innovative pedagogical tools

To help raise more awareness amongst students , the “learning by doing” approach as well as the use of business games both have a key place in the learning process.  

2 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course)  “Time To Reorganize, Understand Organizations, Act and Build a Meaningful World” and “How to become a social entrepreneur” were launched in 2015.

The SnO Center is also working on the reorganisation and development of existing courses and specialized programs (for example, the Master’s degree in Sustainability and Social Innovation, Social Business/ Enterprise and Poverty).

Developing and putting forward new knowledge

In order to do so they will need to acquire new knowledge and grasp new interpersonal skills. Self-awareness being the prerequisite for responsible leadership, the SnO center holds seminars and has set up a partner coaching platform. The center also values strong, hands-on experience.

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