After a study conducted on five HEC Paris alumni associations (see the results from the study in french), more than 80% of HEC Paris entrepreneurs were found to be ready to help another entrepreneur through mentoring, offering financial aid and introducing them to clients.

The Foundation has chosen to support this priority axis by encouraging activities led by the Entrepreneurship center at HEC Paris. Thanks to donations, the Foundation promotes the creation of businesses via support and incubation activities and financing companies’ design, recovery or expansion projects as they first start out..

The eLab

20151012_182427The elab was created on the initiative of three major sponsors from the HEC Foundation: Jean-Luc Allavena (H.86), Pascal Cagni (MBA.86) and Pascal de Jenlis (H.73). The elab provides aspiring entrepreneurs with an exceptional space for exchanges, including cutting-edge interactive technology that help improve creativity and communication. The elab also allows students to work closely with HEC Paris’ partners from the European Silicon Valley, thus promoting collaboration among young managers, engineers and scientists. 

  • One in four graduates from HEC’s 2013 cohort became an entrepreneur; a figure that is estimated to be three times the national average.

HEC’s Entrepreneur Scholarships

HEC Entrepreneurs et out to be the Master’s degree with the highest percentage of scholarships on campus:  €70,000 worth of scholarships are shared among 10% of MS students, them being five in total (5 x 14,000).   

For six years, a profitable cooperation has been established with the charity Nos Quartiers ont des Talents (NQT). The aim of the charity is to help young university graduates into professional work. The charity also establishes links with partnerships for students to get a better understanding of the business world well in advance.

  • This partnership has already benefited eight students.

Social Entrepreneurship with StandUp HEC

Launched as a unifying social incubator in May 2014 at La Courneuve, StandUp HEC is a space for the HEC community as well as social entrepreneurs from the Courneuve area, in particular women. It’s aim is to encourage the development of social business bringing innovative responses to deprived neighborhoods.