Digital technology at HEC Paris

At HEC Paris, the push for digital technology is to not only help with the education of our students and facilitate teaching and research for the Faculty, but also to help strengthen cooperation with our business community and partnerships. In order to keep up with the digital revolution, HEC Paris must continue to innovate and develop its expertize in this particular domain.

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Investing in high quality research

Chairs and research centers devoted to this particular subject have been created with our partner companies:

AXA « Digital Strategy and Big Data »

AXA’s new teaching chair in ‘Digital Strategy and Big Data’. This particular chair by AXA aims to to develop insights into the type of impact Big Data has on strategy and on the transformation of a firm’s economic model. This chair aims to expose students to the digital operational issues of large firms and to raise awareness of trade values associated with related strategical issues..

The Digital Transformation center

The Digital Transformation center, supported by Orange, is a space of reflexion, experience sharing and collaborative work, focusing on digital transformation in France. This partnership allows Orange to engage in dialogue over digital transformation with other firms and to take advantage of the analyses and recommendations given by students on the firm’s specific cases.


Developing future programs

Partnership between Xavier Niel – École 42 and HEC Paris

In 2015, HEC’s partnership with École 42 saw the launch of the pioneering specialized program in Digital Business, a program which targets entrepreneurial students from HEC, 42 and Gobelins, school of visual communication. The program in itself complies with the principles of ‘learning by doing’.


Emma France 

student from the Major in Digital Entrepreneurship program

emma B&W« The Major in Digital Entrepreneurship pushes us a lot and promotes the spirit of startups, including performing tests, taking risks and being challenged at every moment. The subjects are varied and the dynamics are rich thanks to the group work. We work with designers and developers that know how to do things we couldn’t do. For us, the partnership is above all an incredible opportunity to learn how to be open-minded and daring. Today, I am creating a project with a digital entrepreneur – speaker at HEC Paris, one student from Télécom Paris
and another from 42!

Certified online programs

In partnership with First Finance in 2015, HEC launched an innovative certified online program in Corporate Finance. Earmarked for executives and company managers, the program has attracted a growing interest from 800 participants after two sessions. The Faculty must continue to develop and invest in these kind of digital programs.


A few years ago, HEC Paris broke new ground by creating a range of certificates. These act as a new field of study which allows Grande École, MBA and Specialized Master’s students to deal with promising sectors in more depth, in which HEC Paris holds a added recognised value. Certificates in the following areas of study are currently available:
– Aeronautics,
– Digital Entrepreneurs,
– Digital Transformation,
– Energy & Finance,
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A),
– Leadership,
Luxury Goods,
– Social Business.

  • 8 certificates are currently at HEC Paris


New teaching methods being offered


En 2015, 6 MOOCs have been developed by HEC Paris and made available online through Coursera. A range of different themes have attracted over 180,000 participants – 45 to 68% were non-European. MOOCs are essential in spreading HEC Paris abroad.


In 2010 HEC Paris launched its own account on iTunesU, an iTunes domain dedicated to free content (music & video) from educational institutions. Thus, HEC Paris became the first French business school to share academic content on iTunesU, including classes, conferences and seminars. These are all available to download and have been a resounding success, ranking HEC Paris in the top global 100.

Building on connections with Université Paris Saclay

The opportunity to collaborate with scientific and engineering students from Université Paris Saclay will allow HEC Paris to be able to optimise future high tech entrepreneurial projects, thanks to a circle of complementary skills within a dynamic and unique environment.