HEC Foundation

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Déborah Aringoli
Director of International Development
+33(0) 1 39 67 97 78

I am in charge of the relations with our donors abroad and coordonate the international fundraising, working with our partners and trusts in the UK, US, Europe. 

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Mickaël Boussuge
Finance and administrative manager
+33 (0) 1 39 67 71 96

I take care of all financial and administrative aspects of the Foundation. I provide daily support to the team with reporting and data requirement needs.

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Marianne Duval
Bequests and gifts coordinator
01 39 67 98 87

My mission is to make known the other possible forms of support other than conventional donation to the HEC Foundation (bequests, life insurance, ownership by usufruct, temporary usufruct donation, sheltered foundation, etc.) I also support people with their philanthropic projects and manage donations files once engaged.

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Delphine Colson
Executive Director
01 39 67 94 17

My role is to implement the fundraising strategy in conjunction with the Chairman of the HEC Foundation and the General Director of HEC Paris, to monitor the funding and the impact of projects and motivate the team.

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Marie Dolet
Communications and Marketing coordinator
+33(0) 1 39 67 95 61

I am in charge of the communication of the HEC Foundation: digital and print and work on the marketing actions with Léa et Pascale.

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Pascale Fiche
Database coordinator
01 39 67 74 10

I am in charge of data management and improvement of base contacts. I also provide component analysis and data information.

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Hélène Gronier
Development Manager - Annual Fund
01 39 67 98 81
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Emmylou Vigeant
International Development Assistant
01 39 67 99 36
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Marie-Hélène Gille
Donors relations manager
01 39 67 74 14

My mission is to support, facilitate and develop links with major sponsors and sponsor clubs within the Foundation. I am also in charge of organizing specific and targeted events to thank our donors for their continued support.

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Alice Gorge
Director of Development - Major Donors
01 39 67 97 02

My mission is to seek and convince graduates with the potential to significantly support the Foundation by becoming major sponsors.

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Léa Sarica
Director of Development - Annual Fund
01 39 67 97 37

I define the strategy of communication and fundraising/marketing, in coordination with the school and the association. I am in charge of sponsor relations and collective donations, as well as prospecting, individual appointments and monitoring of individual sponsor clubs.

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