Our Governance

Created in 1972 by the Alumni Association, the HEC Foundation's mission is to support the ambitions of HEC Paris, through the funding of scholarships for advanced research, innovative teaching tools and programs to support the internationalization of the school. An umbrella foundation, which was recognized as a charity in 1973, the HEC Foundation has to have rigorous and transparent management that guarantees its governance and functioning.

Olivier Sevillia (MBA.90): « Driven by a community of committed graduates and by companies wishing to contribute to its development, the HEC Foundation annually allocates 7 to €8 million to school projects. These funds enable the financing of scholarships, help develop educational innovation and academic excellence and enhance quality research that is recognized worldwide. Your support is essential for the future of HEC Paris.»

peter toddPeter Todd, Dean of HEC Paris: « The school is at a historic turning point. With the formalization of its autonomy and its new governance, a new page of HEC Paris history is being written. The role of the Foundation now more than ever is to give the school the means to achieve its ambitions.»


Frédéric Jousset (H.92), President of the HEC Alumni Association: «Solidarity is a core value of our community. The commitment of our graduates personally or via their companies, the strength of our network and collective mobilization are all essential factors in pushing HEC further towards excellence.»

The Board of Directors: decision-making body of the HEC Foundation, the Board of Directors defines the strategy, budgets and the annual financial statements.

It is composed of:
– 3 members representing the Public Authorities (Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Higher Education and Research)
– 5 founding members: the President of the HEC Alumni Association and two members designated by a representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris Ile-de- France, the Dean of HEC Paris
– 7 qualified persons with at least 3 former students of HEC programs

The Clerk : the executive body of the guidelines decided by the Board of Directors, under the leadership of the President of the Foundation, Olivier Sevillia (MBA.90). It is composed of members of the Board of Directors and permanent guests.

Specialized  committees

Campaign Committee: consists of twenty donors and determines the appropriate means for achieving the collection targets.

Investment and Risk Committee: is composed of qualified personnel, the Treasurer and the President of the Foundation. Its objective is to ensure optimal management of the funds available to the Foundation, including those it accrues..

Research Committee : it consists of twenty representatives of partner companies and the Director of Research at HEC Paris. It selects and monitors the progress of research projects funded by the Foundation.

Pedagogy and Diversity Committee: it is composed of representatives of partner companies and HEC Paris. It follows the evolution of equal opportunities programs and teaching methods that benefit the Foundation's support..