Our huge fundraising campaign launched in 2008, whose aim was to collect 100 million euros over five years, was successfully brought to a close in November 2013. The grand total of this first campaign was close to 112 million euros.

human adventure…

During the HEC campaign, more than 7500 individual donors were mobilized and places their trust in us. The HEC Foundation was able to count on the support of 142 large donors (donations over 150K€) and close to 70 corporate partners were involved in the life of our business school during this enormous campaign.

  • 7 500 individual donors mobilized
  • including 142 large donors
  • 70 corporate partners

… which has laid the foundations…

Each year the foundation finances around 7 to 8% of HEC Paris’s total development budget by giving an annual donation, evidence of the long-lasting support of the Foundation, which reached almost 32 million euros capitalized on at the end of 2013.

  • 7 to 8% of HEC Paris’s development budget financed by the foundation each year

… for a project for the promotion of academic excellence, both open and inclusive

Thanks to this campaign, research projects were able to be conducted, around 15 professorships were created, and 342 PhD grants were given out. In order to support HEC Paris’s desire to welcome all students, whatever their social or geographic origins, the Foundation has also awarded numerous grants to the students of HEC Paris.

  • 60 research projects conducted
  • 342 PhD grants
  • 648 grants awarded to MBA students
  • more than 1000 students with State scholarships supported


Daniel Bernard (H.69), Honorary President of the HEC Foundation, reflects on this great achievement

“While not only making it possible to collect 112 million euros between 2008 and 2013, the HEC Foundation’s fundraising campaign also triggered a mobilisation, the likes of which was unprecedented in the history of French higher education. During these six years, and thanks to this support, HEC accomplished a huge amount of progress in the fields of teaching and research, allowing it to reinforce its positions on the world stage. We share this success with all those who have supported us.”